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Anyone care to share when they received their acceptance? - University of Washington's Graduate Community

soccerscholar posting in University of Washington's Graduate Community
User: uwashgrad (posted by soccerscholar)
Date: 2007-02-06 21:56
Subject: Anyone care to share when they received their acceptance?
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I applied to Univ of Washington's English Dept as an MA student. I am eagerly awaiting word back. When did you receive your acceptance? Was it through the mail,email, snail or by phone?

If I get accepted people...I will tear the roof off this mofo and crank up the traffic! You can guarantee it! This site seems a bit too quiet.

Finally...anyone play pickup soccer on or near campus?
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User: floweredluggage
Date: 2007-02-07 07:09 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I applied to the Chem PhD program, so I don't know how relevant my answers will be, but I honestly can't remember hearing from UW specifically. I started hearing back from schools in late Jan. or early Feb. (I think) and a lot called me, I think if I didn't get a call, I at least got an email, one was an online app. so I just checked the status online, and then I usually got something in the regular mail sometime later. But yeah, I can't really remember when for any school in particular, but the visitation for UW was very early March, so it was far enough in advance of that to book a flight, etc.

Anyways, like I said, chem program, so maybe not relevant, and it was two years ago now, so hard for me to remember.
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